EcoSTORE Battery Energy Storage System

Australia has the sparsest electricity grid networks in the OECD. Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) have many thousands of kilometres of rural lines supplying relatively few customers.  As an example, 65,000km of Single Wire Earth Return (SWER), representing 45% of one DNSP’s network length supplies fewer than 5% of its customers.

Low customer density means DNSPs spend proportionally more money (6-12 times) supplying electricity to SWER consumers than to urban consumers.  When these aging rural lines reach capacity, DNSPs are faced with upgrading hundreds of kilometres of network for the benefit of a fraction of their customers.

Consumers supplied from these networks have experienced poor power quality/reliability and in some cases have limited opportunity to install solar PV.

EcoSTORE addresses these problems.  Developed specifically to prop up long rural networks, EcoSTORE delivers solutions by:

  • directly controlling consumer voltage supply, greatly improving power quality,
  • automatically reducing the peak load on the rural network by charging when the network is lightly loaded and discharging into the network when the network is stressed, and
  • providing back up power to consumers during network power outages.

DNSPs can continue to use the rural system assets and provide good quality power supply to rural customers at a small fraction of the cost of standalone power systems or long rural line upgrades.

EcoSTORE is a highly flexible and intelligent battery inverter that can be used for other applications and can support advanced features like peer to peer energy trading and community battery storage.

EcoSTORE battery storage systems will allow communities to store their excess solar energy during the day and access this energy during peak periods in the evening. This maximises the value of renewable energy that the community generates and reduces their reliance on fossil fuel generated energy.

To learn more about EcoSTORE download the fact sheet.

The EcoStore is a 10kW AC coupled smart battery inverter that can intelligently charge and discharge batteries to optimally manage electrical energy usage.

The EcoStore’s main features are:

  • It allows a wide range of battery storage; typically 10-60kWh.
  • The 10kW EcoStore power electronics is particularly compact and light weighing only 20kg.
  • Exceptionally high efficiency of greater than 97.5%.
  • It is battery agnostic, working with a wide range of battery chemistries (eg. Lithium-Ion, Lead-acid) and manufacturers.
  • It can regulate consumer voltage directly to +/-10%
  • It incorporates innovative feeder voltage control peak load reduction algorithms, hence assisting the electricity grid.
  • It is highly flexible with a built in scripting language that allows the product to be easily customised.
  • It is very grid-friendly with full Volt/VAr (STATCOM) capability and a Total Harmonic distortion < 3%.
  • It is very user friendly with simple set-up and configuration via any device running a web browser.

Low Harmonics: THD< 3%

Extended Temperature Testing

Independent EMC Testing


The 10kW single phase EcoStore battery inverter can be used in a number of applications such as:

  • Fringe of Grid Systems: The EcoStore has two unique functions developed for fringe of grid applications:
    • It directly regulates/improves the consumers’ voltage allowing rural consumers to experience power quality akin to urban areas.
    • It performs feeder peak load reduction without communications, reducing the stress on electricity utility assets without the added expense of complex monitoring and communication equipment.
    • It provides back up power to consumers during power outages.  If solar is available, the EcoStore can charge its batteries using any excess energy to enable consumers to ride through extended grid failure events (eg. cyclones etc).
  • Grid connected Large Residential Systems:  The EcoStore has a number of energy shifting functions to help consumers reduce their electricity bills, plus can provide full backup of an entire dwelling in the event of a grid power outage.
  • Grid connected Small Commercial Systems:  For commercial consumers on peak demand tariffs, the EcoStore can make additional savings by minimising the peak load drawn hence minimising electricity bills further.
  • Standalone/Off-grid Systems: The 10kW EcoStore battery inverter is ideally sized for many off-grid applications.  In developing countries the EcoStore can be used to supply a number of dwellings or a small community, and they may be parallelled for larger communities.


Our software is designed with user friendliness in mind.  Set-up, commissioning, monitoring, software updates and custom programming are all done from any browser ready smart device (eg. laptop, tablet, smart phone) not some propriety hard to learn tool. Everything is done from the same familiar web browser interface. Parameters and settings are in plain English not obscure codes. Values and variables can be graphed in real time and a rich history can be downloaded.

Monitoring at a glance

Simple Parameter Setting

Intuitive Datalogging