Technologies for the future grid

EcoJoule Energy provides innovative, next generation power management products and software to companies interested in energy quality and reliability for their customers.

“Why would I suddenly leap from these huge policy initiatives of 50% reduction targets and Snowy 2.0 to the things that Ecojoule are doing?  The answer is because I think this is where the solution lies.”

Grant King, President – Business Council of Australia & former CEO – Origin Energy,
1 March 2019,  Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong


Battery Energy Storage System

The EcoStore is a 10kW AC coupled smart battery inverter that can intelligently charge and discharge batteries to optimally manage electrical energy usage.


Voltage Regulator

The EcoVAR is a Low Voltage STATic COMpensator (STATCOM) that helps utilities manage the voltage on Low Voltage Networks.

It does this by sinking and sourcing reactive power and does not require batteries or energy storage.

Latest News

EcoJoule Energy welcomes Dr Mihai Ciobotaru

The directors and staff of EcoJoule Energy have announced Dr Mihai Ciobotaru is to join the EcoJoule team as Principal Engineer – Control Systems.  EcoJoule CEO Dr Mike Wishart made the announcement and said, “Mihai’s formidable expertise and his substantial experience with some of the world’s leading energy research institutions…
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EcoJoule Energy supports #FixTheVoltage Campaign

27 November 2020 EcoJoule Energy have proudly thrown their support behind a campaign aimed to get the Energy Regulator to make a regulatory change which would allow Conservation Voltage Reduction in Australia. There is a simple regulatory change which uses an existing in-place incentive scheme for electricity network businesses that…
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Company Announcement: Welcome to Mark Johnson AO

1 September 2020 – The Directors at EcoJoule Energy are privileged to welcome Mark Johnson AO as the newest investor and shareholder in the Company. In a joint statement EcoJoule Directors Mike Wishart and Tony Ferguson said, “Mark has had a distinguished career and has been a respected leader in…
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Ty Christopher, leading electricity industry executive joins EcoJoule Energy

15 July 2020 Ty Christopher has joined EcoJoule Energy as Senior Adviser – Strategy and Business DevelopmentTy’s immediate previous position was as a Senior Executive in a major energy company in NSW holding responsibility for infrastructure development and reporting directly to the Chief Executive OfficerTy is an Honorary Professorial Fellow…
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Ausgrid to trial EcoVAR units

12 June 2020 – Ausgrid is investigating the potential of new low voltage regulation technology from EcoJoule Energy to help optimise the benefits to consumers who have, or may invest, in Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as rooftop solar or batteries.  Junayd Hollis, Ausgrid’s General Manager – Asset Management said…
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