Ty Christopher, leading electricity industry executive joins EcoJoule Energy

15 July 2020

  • Ty Christopher has joined EcoJoule Energy as Senior Adviser – Strategy and Business Development
  • Ty’s immediate previous position was as a Senior Executive in a major energy company in NSW holding responsibility for infrastructure development and reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer
  • Ty is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Wollongong and well known in the electrical industry for his innovative and transformational leadership.

EcoJoule Energy is delighted to announce that leading electricity industry executive Ty Christopher has joined EcoJoule Energy as Senior Adviser – Strategy and Business Development. Ty will join the Company’s Executive Committee and take a key role in steering the Company’s future.

EcoJoule CEO Dr Mike Wishart said today ”I am absolutely delighted that Ty Christopher, one of the most senior executives in the Australian electricity distribution industry, has chosen to join us at EcoJoule. Ty shares our vision of deploying smarter, cheaper and more effective ways of distributing Australia’s abundant energy to end users, particularly households. I can think of no-one better than Ty to deliver this challenge.

Ty’s role will include both EcoJoule’s product and market development strategy. The Company’s products already include a power line mounted voltage stabiliser being tested and deployed by Australian distributors, and a smart battery inverter with the ability to greatly improve power quality in remote areas while supporting the aging remote area infrastructure. Several further R&D projects are in the pipeline. “While our initial focus is Australia, the world also needs our solutions,” added Dr Wishart.

Ty Christopher said “In Ecojoule I have found an organisation that shares my core commitment to deliver cheaper and cleaner power to customers utilising Australian-developed technology. Through our ongoing development of new technology and our Australian based manufacturing, EcoJoule is delivering the grid of the future here and now.