EcoJoule Energy supports #FixTheVoltage Campaign

27 November 2020

EcoJoule Energy have proudly thrown their support behind a campaign aimed to get the Energy Regulator to make a regulatory change which would allow Conservation Voltage Reduction in Australia.

There is a simple regulatory change which uses an existing in-place incentive scheme for electricity network businesses that with a very simple augmentation would put in place the right sort of cost signal that applies to the entire national grid.

EcoJoule Energy thanks Renew and, in particular their Illawarra branch, for driving a public petition to gain public support and leading the call to the Australian Federal Energy Minister to make the required the changes.

EcoJoule Energy Executive Director, Tony Ferguson said “EcoJoule is a keen supporter of the #FTV campaign and we are devoting substantial funding to help promote it. We believe that there is a huge opportunity here to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Sure, we produce technology which can be used to implement voltage reduction. We just want to see the voltage reduction finally implemented and we encourage other equipment suppliers and service providers to the electricity industry to join us in supporting #FTV. This needs to happen!

Mike Wishart, CEO of EcoJoule Energy, said “I agree with Tony, I see us as a strong supporter.  Yes, we have a vested interest in selling our technology but even without this we would want to see this regulatory change implemented.”

Senior Strategy Adviser to Ecojoule Energy, Ty Christopher, presented a highly informative Webinar on Wednesday 25 November to Renew Australia and members of the public who have enthusiastically registered their interest. It was a well-informed presentation which garnered a high level of interest and positive response.

Ty Christopher said, “I am passionate about using new technology to transform the electricity grid to benefit consumers. Voltage levels have been held at the high end of the allowable range ever since the Australian standard changed to reduce the main voltage level over 20 years ago. Up until recently, cost-effective solutions to the problem of over voltage supply have not been available. Now they are available, using Australian developed, Australian designed and Australian manufactured technology.

Further information about the #FixTheVoltage campaign can be sourced by visiting the Fix The Voltage website at containing links to the petition and social media supporting the campaign.