EcoJoule Energy welcomes Dr Mihai Ciobotaru

The directors and staff of EcoJoule Energy have announced Dr Mihai Ciobotaru is to join the EcoJoule team as Principal Engineer – Control Systems. 

EcoJoule CEO Dr Mike Wishart made the announcement and said, “Mihai’s formidable expertise and his substantial experience with some of the world’s leading energy research institutions stands to enrich EcoJoule Energy’s focus in providing world-class next generation power management products – designed and manufactured right here in Australia – we are thrilled to welcome Mihai on-board.

Mihai has many years of experience in designing control systems for grid connected power electronics converters, and digital signal processing.

He has held a number of senior academic positions, including at Aalborg University in Denmark, UNSW and Macquarie University, which delivered him opportunities to perform his research with industry stakeholders in the field of power electronics converters.

Mihai’s expertise is recognised by the international research community and various patents, books and industries. He has contributed to more than 120 research publications in the field of Electrical Engineering. 

Mihai holds BScEng, MScEng and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a Senior Member with IEEE.