Michael Wishart included as part of The Australian’s Green Power Players

Newspaper The Australian has held its second annual ‘Green Power Players’ List to commemorate Australia’s top 100 most important people in the green energy space. Our very own CEO, Michael Wishart, has been included as part of list! The article writes as follows:

Electronics industry veteran Mike Wishart is the brains behind EcoJoule Energy, which delivers Australian- owned and operated technology solutions for the electricity grid. The company’s flagship device is called EcoVAR, a static compensator mounted on existing power poles and designed to correct grid voltages, particularly in low-voltage residential networks. It costs far less than other solutions, Wishart says, and is helping Australia’s electricity network handle the explosion in renewables.

“We believe that there is a huge worldwide oppurtunity to improve the supply of electricity to consumers through the use of modern power electronics devices,” Wishart says. “Our objective is to design innovative, efficient and flexible products that contribute to providing lower cost, reliable and sustainable electricity to all.”

Read the full article here. Please note that the list is unavailable to non-subscribers of The Australian.