Endeavour Energy accepts first EcoVAR units

“A way to invest in the Network of the Future”

On Friday 1 March 2019, Dr. Mike Wishart, CEO of EcoJoule Energy, handed over the first production EcoVAR units to Endeavour Energy for trials in a pilot study and to the Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre at the University of Wollongong for laboratory testing.

Mike Wishart and Tony Ferguson hosted 30-40 guests, including some high level individuals like Mark Johnson AO (Chairman of Alinta), Rod Howard (COO of Endeavour), senior Endeavour staff as well as local politicians and academics from the University of Wollongong.

We credit Endeavour Energy with showing leadership and vision in looking to the next generation of power generation.  In an Australian first, Endeavour Energy will trial EcoVAR on power poles in April installing 20 units throughout the network in the Illawarra and Western Sydney.

Ty Christopher, the General Manager of Network Assets at Endeavour Energy accepted the handover of the first EcoVAR unit and he spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities that Endeavour Energy saw for the EcoVAR unit to assist in reducing the energy costs to its customers and serving customer needs in the most efficient way possible – not building more poles, more wires and putting more cable in the ground.

This is something that’s going to benefit all of our customers and this is something that we believe is going to be an important step in building the network of the future, one that meets our customers future needs …
Ty Christopher, GM Network Assets, Endeavour Energy

Our guest of honour, Grant King, President of the Business Council of Australia and former CEO of Origin Energy was also tremendously supportive of the innovation of the EcoVAR units and the work we’re undertaking at EcoJoule Energy.

“… the biggest and most complex machine in the world is all of those bits and pieces that go together to generate a reliable and hopefully affordable supply of energy.”

“… we are still challenged in terms of energy policy, we are still challenged to make this machine work for us as a community and as consumers.  And I think this is where the work of EcoJoule comes in and the incredible work that Mike Wishart has done.”

“And I truly do believe this is where we need to focus and it’s these sorts of people we need to rely on – that will ultimately bring this … this system, this machine, back into control and let it serve the people in the way it was intended – to provide reliable, affordable energy obviously on a more sustainable basis.”

Grant King, President of the Business Council of Australia

We are delighted to share with you some highlights and media coverage from the event.

9 News Illawarra coverage:

Speech by Mr. Grant King:

‘Shock absorber’ makes electricity network a two-way street

The electricity network has changed from a one-way street to one where power flows in both directions.

Endeavour Energy is carrying out a pilot study on a device that aims to make that two-way flow more reliable.

Previously electricity ran from the power plant to the home, but now people are installing solar panels and batteries with a view to feeding energy back into the grid.

That’s a change that requires an updating of the electricity network, and Endeavour is looking to achieve this with a box-like device called EcoVAR.

Developed by Australian start-up Ecojoule Energy, the device – which will be attached to power poles or in the “green boxes” in the street – stabilises the electricity flow.

Ecojoule Energy CEO Dr Mike Wishart said it will deliver “volume smoothing” across the network.

“This means more dollars in the Aussie back pocket by ensuring solar is operating year-round, maximising return on investment,” Dr Wishart said.

Endeavour’s general manager of asset management Ty Christopher said the device will allow for a greater flow of energy from homes back into the grid – and also help those without solar panels.

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Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Recipient

In January 2019, it was officially announced that Ecojoule Energy was among the recipients of the Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation Grant.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews said the grants were designed to accelerate the development of high-quality projects which had strong local and export market potential.

Minister Andrews went on to say, “The funding will help improve the capability and competitiveness of these businesses, promoting economic growth and creating Australian jobs.”

Ecojoule Energy’s CEO and Founder, Mike Wishart said he is proud to receive the Grant, and he is also proud to have received the Government’s recognition of the innovation offered by Ecojoule’s EcoVAR and EcoSTORE and the products’ viability and potential impact on the energy market, domestically and internationally.

Mike said, “The grant will be used to fund commercialisation of the EcoVAR and EcoSTORE products and also, receiving this recognition will provide a solid platform from which we can showcase and promote another innovative Australian business that offers sustainable and economic benefits.”

As part of winning the grant, Ecojoule Energy will also gain access to highly experienced commercialisation advisers to provide strategic partnering opportunities and specialist mentoring for the ensuing stages of the business building process.

Link:  Ministerial media release – The Hon Karen Andrews MP